And Jesus said to them, "Follow Me, and I will make you become fishers of men." Mark 1:17

Monday, September 12, 2011

School Uniform Distribution

One of the many ministry opportunities that Fisher's of Men is involved in annually is to furnish school uniforms for the entire student body at the Iguana Creek Government School in Celena village. Jack Barnes, Kathryn and myself had the privilege of giving out uniforms for the new school year which begins week after next. In addition to the uniforms, we gave each student a toothbrush which we do several times a year as this compliments our dental care to this school. This will be our fourth year to provide annual dental care to the village school and the second year to provide school uniforms. Fisher's of Men furnishes school supplies as well to the students and teachers here in this special village.

In addition to this village school, Fisher's of Men provides annual dental care and school supplies to 6 other schools. The Cayo Deaf Institute in Central Farm area and Marla's House of Hope in Belmopan are two very special institutions that we provide annual medical and dental care to and have been providing this service for six years.

As always, Fisher's of Men appreciates everyone's prayer and financial support as we attempt to help struggling villages and schools with necessary care and support. Thanks to the many that come each year and serve in beautiful Belize with the various mission projects in order to meet physical needs and spread the love of Jesus. In 2012, Fisher's of Men will continue with all of it's current ministry efforts and will expand our VBS program to include a special youth ministry outreach and will begin distributing a "filtered water" device to all our current supported schools and some village homes. There are other ministry opportunities that we are praying about and are seeking funding to be able to carry them out. Our invitation to everyone is that we need each of you to continue to pray, provide provisions and provide people to fill short term mission positions on the various teams. "Come and See!"

Thursday, August 4, 2011

VBS/Ladies Ministry Report

Below is a few stories from the VBS and Ladies Ministry team members that served in San Ignacio from June 25th to July 2nd.

Joyce Wilkinson (Ladies Ministry): I was truly blessed to have this opportunity of going to Belize with “Fishers of Men” and teaching a ladies group this year. My heart was touched by their eagerness to hear God’s word as we studied together. It was a very meaningful, exciting and happy time for me. This year was even more special as my daughter, Melissa went with us. She teaches ladies Sunday school class at home and did a great job in this situation. Ladies had been invited from the Baptist church where the Bible School was held and also from a Pentecostal church across the street. The pre-school class was held in the basement of that church also. The wife of the pastor where the Bible School was held was our interpreter. Our first day began with 15 ladies. My friend Jackie, principle of the village school where we held our first ladies Bible study in 2009 was there, along with her mother and aunt. I was so glad to see her again. Some of the ladies spoke English, some understood it but couldn’t speak it and some couldn’t understand or speak it. Most of the ladies were Christians. Our number of ladies increased to 23 with each day getting better and better. Along with our Bible study from the book of Esther they enjoyed singing, writing in their journals, doing beadwork and making a salvation wall hanging. I trust we planted some seeds that will inspire them to walk even closer with Christ. Many requested prayer for various situations and I am especially praying for a young lady who told me she wasn’t saved and would not make that decision now as she had many problems to take care of first. My heart goes out to her; however, I know God is in control. Our verse for the week was Jeremiah 29:11; I know the plans I have for you says the Lord…….

Leah Mason (VBS Team): I was blessed with the opportunity to be a part of the VBS mission trip in July. It was my first time going to Belize and it had a very big impact on my life. I helped lead the 8 and 9 year olds and by the fourth day we had around 59 children just in our group! I could really see how much they enjoyed VBS and how interested they were to learn more about who Jesus is. This week really opened my eyes to how blessed I really am, and how much I take for granted. At the end of each day we gave the children cookies and water and it was unbelievable to me how excited they were to receive such a small gift. I went down to Belize with the mindset of loving on these children so that they would see Jesus through me, but by the end of the week I felt like they loved on me more than I could have ever imagined. I am thankful for what the Lord is doing in Belize and I amso fortunate to be a part of what He is doing.

Hunter Hinson (VBS Team): My name is Hunter Hinson and I would like to share my 2011 VBS Belize trip. Fishers of Men has a very awesome ministry going on and I am very thankful to have been a part of that. This was my first mission trip and I would have to say I was just amazed by everything. From the culture, to the food, the scenery and the organization of it. It was really amazing how smoothly everything went from the airplanes, to the VBS week. We had an awesome team and everybody worked hard and was dedicated to their responsibilities. This was a life changing experience for me. I was the one supposed to be ministering and I was being ministered to by the kids, culture, and the country. My heart was touched in Belize and I thank everyone who helped me have a part in making this mission trip possible.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

March Trip Report

Below are a few stories from our recent trip to Belize-the team was from First Baptist Church, Trussville, AL.

Carl Grimmett (Veterin
arian): I had the privilege of being the first veterinarian to work under Fishers of Men. My team consisted of myself, Dr. Victor Gongora (of Belize), Larry Payne, and Matthew Cooper. The first requirement from Belize was that I speak for 2 hours to school children. Unlike here in the States, I was able to present the plan of salvation as a part of my talk. On the second day, we worked at the Belize zoo. We worked with eagles, owls, and a tapir. Day 3 was spent with a very conservative Mennonite community, vaccinating their horses. Day 4 consisted of setting up rabies clinics in poorer villages. We had to be accompanied by officials from the health department. Before the end of the day one of the officials prayed to receive Christ! This trip will forever be a highlight of my life. The work of Buddy Hardy and Fishers of Men is amazing and I look forward to another trip.

Bobby Erwin (Construction Team) :We began our work early on Tuesday morning. The demolition was easy as the structure was very much in need of replacement. The work was hard and hot, but I can say it was more than worth the effort! To go into a situation with so many needs, and three days later leave having finished a structure which will significantly improve a family’s living conditions is very satisfying. But more than completing a physical structure, we followed the example of Jesus, “Inasmuch as you have done it unto the least of these my brothers, you have done it unto me.” Throughout the week we gave to the people of Belize, but God gave back to us. I believe God will use the “seeds” we planted to bring spiritual fruit in the lives of the people we touched.

The medical and dental teams saw many patients each day. There were many physical needs met, which gave us the platform to share the gospel with them as well. We are grateful for another successful week of serving in Belize and are already planning to return in 2012. The highlights of the trip was serving at CDI and attending the kids' music class and hearing and seeing them sing--they are always an encouragement to our teams.

Who would have thought a Veterinarian would be on a mission team?! Well, God clearly was in control and used him mightily in this week serving in Belize-he spoke in a school, worked in the Zoo, and saw many animals and also shared the gospel with many.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

February Trip Update

We had 40 missionaries from 17 churches serve together in Belize from 12-19 February 2011. Our team consisted of 4 medical doctors, 3 dentists, 3 nurses, 5 hygienists, and numerous support personnel, and we provided medical and dental services in villages, clinics, and hospitals. With God’s blessings, we treated more than 650 patients for medical problems and more than 525 patients for dental cleanings and treatments. Additionally, 10 hospital surgeries were performed. Many people trusted Christ as their Savior during our trip. We will post some pictures soon!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Mission Team Report-North Alabama Family Mission Team

elow is a brief update from a mission team that served in Belize January 29-February 5. The team, from North Alabama, worshiped at Belmopan Baptist Church and Faith Baptist Church on Sunday and served at the Cayo Deaf Institute (CDI) during the week.

A week at CDI (By: Ingram S)......... How do you begin to describe an event that turned out to be nothing like you expected? As I prepared for this trip to Belize I began to make assumptions and have expectations of how I hoped to impact those I met. As it turns out when I reached the deaf institute I was the one who was changed. This realization occurred to me when I realized I was not going to be able to see them again for a whole year. That thought made me so sad.

Though facing a troubling environment and facing the additional challenges of a life without sound, these children radiate with joy and cast this happiness onto those around them regardless of familiarity. These experiences led me to believe that though we have materialistic advantages to offer, the children of this deaf institution have a much better gift. The gift of joy! The joy of these children was evident as their innocent, life-filled laughter radiates into your heart. The time you spend with these kids is what they hunger for not money or pity. They relish (and even find humor in) the time we take to attempt to “talk” to them by signing. They also are free with spontaneous hugs and laughter. They lead simple and pure lives. They don't wish for things that we think might make them happy. Love and acceptance of who they are and the assurance that they are wanted is what these children starve for.

A four letter word L-O-V-E. It really is simple. A home is where this love is present. It is in this such place the children of CDI are flourishing. A home, where they are cared for. A home where there is family, friends and God. It is in this place where I found myself, right in the middle of these children's home, yet I did not feel like an outsider. Though I had never met any of them, these children made me feel like I was a part of their family. Among all my experiences I believe I will most sincerely miss the time I shared with these children. Though the experiences that occur can never be written down on paper they are forever imprinted upon my heart.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mission Team Report-January 2011

Wow, what an amazing week! It was another life-changing week in Belize. Our team, 9 from Texas and 2 from Alabama served in Belize January 15-22. We worshiped at Santa Elena Baptist Church Sunday morning and San Ignacio Baptist Church Sunday evening. We hosted our 2nd annual men's gathering at the Aguada Sunday afternoon. We had about 35 men joined together for fellowship, worship and sharing. We focused on how we can improve in our walk with the Lord in 2011. It was a very encouraging time and we concluded with a meal together.

The power of prayer was very evident from day 1 in Belize! Many at home and in Belize were praying for our team and opportunities to share. He answered more abundantly than we could ever imagine!! Burt Odom shared in the morning service Sunday and Wayne Sanderford in the evening worship service. Brian Witty and I were asked to appear on the Rise and Shine TV show on Belize Plus TV. This a live show seen on cable in Belize. The host, Fem, led worship for us Sunday afternoon.

The team served at both the Good Shepherd Clinic (GSC) and the Cayo Deaf Institute (CDI) . At GSC, the 3 members did some plumbing work and installed a much needed security fence for Nurse Juan. At CDI, the remainder of the team worked on Bldg 1 and Bldg 8. At Bldg 1, we removed a rotten porch and beams and put a new one up and also removed a room from the back of the house. At Bldg 8, the team installed foam in the ceiling, drywall and some electrical wiring. While the work was great, the time with the kids and staff was even better! They are all so sweet and content in their situation. Their joy for life is so contagious! Many relationships were renewed this week with he kids! The most moving moment at CDI was seeing and hearing the kids sing in worship to our LORD. Although they cannot articulate the words, hearing them try to sing as they signed the words was very moving and brought us to tears!

The TV crew from Plus TV came to CDI on Wednesday and filmed a special on the Institute and 2 of our members were interviewed. The special ran on the evening news 2 nights. This was another example of God answering the prayers for opportunities to share the gospel. God is Good!!

The week was capped off with a night of worship Thursday evening with Fem. He is a gifted musician and worship leader. We also had a few guests to share the evening. Gene and Jo Hardy, cousins from Ohio, were visiting Belize for a few days to see what Fishers of Men is all about. It was great to share a portion of the week with them. Fem closed the worship time by singing one of our new favorites, "I command my mouth to praise the Lord......." 

These are just a few highlights from our trip. Thank you for both your prayer and financial support to make this trip possible and to help in sharing the gospel of Christ with the people of Belize. It is our prayer and earnest desire that a trip like this will ignite our passion for living out the Great Commission here at home for the remaining 51 weeks of the year.

Please continue to pray for Fishers of Men. Please pray as we serve in Belize and also as our team begins to look forward to returning in January 2012.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ministry Update-Prayer for Mission Team

Today, 9 men from Texas and 2 from Alabama are traveling to Belize to serve for a week. Please pray for us as we travel, serve, worship, fellowship for the next week. Below is a prayer calendar and we appreciate your prayers and support:

Saturday, January 15:
Pray for safe travel and team unity. Phil. 4:7 and Phil. 2:1-3

Sunday, January 16: Pray for our worship at both Santa Elena Baptist Church and San Ignacio Baptist Church. We also be hosting a men’s gathering Sunday afternoon. We will enjoy a time of fellowship, worship and sharing. Acts 1:8 and Hebrews 12:1-3

Monday, January 17: Pray for strength as we begin our week of construction work. Most of the team will be working at the Cayo Deaf Institute, with a couple guys working at the Good Shepherd Clinic. I Cor. 12:12

Tuesday, January 18: Pray for our families at home and safety for our team as we continue our work. Also, pray we see the opportunities HE has for us to share the gospel. Ps. 27:1 and Jer. 33:3

Wednesday, January 19: Pray for continued strength, good rest at night and good health for our team. Col. 4:2-6

Thursday, January 20: Pray for continued strength as we wrap our work today. Pray for extra energy! Ps. 18:2

Friday, January 21: Pray for rest. We are having a “fun day” today and also pray as we reflect and share what God has taught us this week. Matt. 11:28-29

Saturday, January 22: Pray for safe travels home! Ps. 62:1-2

We will update the blog upon our return.